Dr. Chad Mitchell MD

About Dr. Chad Mitchell

Dr. Chad Mitchell MD FAAOS founded RobotMD and RobotMD.com in December 2022. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who performs partial knee replacements and total knee replacements using computer navigation with robotic assistance.

He noticed that patients needed to be made aware of this new emerging technology related to orthopedic surgery, general surgery, urology, gynecology, and other surgical specialties. With his valued patients in mind, he founded this website to provide accurate information on how these computer and robotic technologies bring advancement in patient care and outcomes. 

Advocate of Robotic-Assisted Surgery

After incorporating computer navigation and robotic assistance into his practice for knee replacements, Dr. Mitchell noticed consistent improvements in his patients’ knee range of motion, stability, and function. The technology also seamlessly enhanced his protocols for sending patients home on the same day of their surgery and avoiding a hospital stay or inpatient rehabilitation. Similarly, Dr. Mitchell has noticed improvements with computerized shoulder and hip replacement planning.

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